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Career planning in uncertainty

It may be years before we comprehend the full ramifications of the Covid-19 on our society and places of work.Along with having to adapt our daily lives in significant ways, many of us might be concerned about the impact on our career progression both in the short and long term. […]

How to convey confidence when presenting online?

Confidence when speaking online…are you part of the problem, part of the solution, or…part of our community that gathers around problems to find solutions? Join us on Wednesday 9th December for a creative session with our expert in online presentations! We will learn from each other, share best practices and […]

What do you want the next event to be?

Connecting with others that share similar passions, hobbies, professions or even problems can be incredibly empowering, motivating and is always useful. We want to plan our next events based on a theme or topic or problem that interests you. Send your suggestions using the comments box below.