How to convey confidence when presenting online?

Confidence when speaking online…are you part of the problem, part of the solution, or…part of our community that gathers around problems to find solutions? Join us on Wednesday 9th December for a creative session with our expert in online presentations! We will learn from each other, share best practices and end up with one problem less and a few friends more. Are you in? 🙂

Listen to an introduction from guest expert speaker Charlotte Wiseman, and please post your comments below for any questions you have for her before the session.

Charlotte Wiseman is a positive organizational psychology consultant and trainer known for her pioneering work in the field of mental fitness.
Building upon a scientific foundation, she combines her pioneering research with her personal experience to embed wellbeing into the culture of organizations – enhancing engagement, reducing burnout and improving staff retention.

It was her own journey overcoming chronic stress, anxiety and depression that first led her to explore applied positive psychology in 2009. The changes she experienced were so inspiring that she left her long standing career in the fashion industry to pursue an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and Mental Health First Aid Trainer qualifications.

A member of the British Psychological Society and International Positive Psychology Association, she has been featured in the Journal of Public Mental Health and is leading the way for bringing the parity of esteem into the workplace.


  1. What is the best camera position when presenting online?

  2. How to understand audience’s reaction to your words?

  3. Jonty Rooke

    Which public speaking skills can I transfer to good effect online and which ‘in real life’ practices should I avoid?

  4. Do we have to be confident to appear confident online – or is there an element of “fake it till you make it”?

  5. Benjamin Jones

    How do we best measure the impact on our audience when we either have limited visual and visceral response?

    How do we compel audience to stay camera-attentive ie not turn off an do other things?

    Any recommendations of productive hacks to presentation assembly speed?

    What are the big no-no’s that results in immediate disengage – can these be inverted or transmuted into something more valuable?

    When facing a stricter audience eg board, select committee etc how does one amplify impact with stakeholders and their competitions agendas?

  6. Eranga Gunawardena

    I struggle to connect with people online as I tend to look at them on the screen and not the green dot (camera). When I look at the camera then I cannot see the virtual audience to see their reactions and connect well with them. What is the secret to be able to do both? Thanks.

  7. How do you guage engagement if the call is to a large number of people (over 50)?

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